We are a BOUTIQUE Studio - not a high volume business. 

We are able to spend much more time with you and give you a fun

experience. I love creating beautiful portraits that have an artistic feel. I say "I" because I do most of the camera handling day to day. And the majority of the direct interaction with you. I really like flowing fabric and enjoy incorporating it into sessions when possible. We give custom Artwork that is high quality and thus reflected in the price. We walk you through all the steps in the process of this fun adventure personally! You can call or text when you have questions and we will help you figure out a solution. We sell in person so that you can come in and see the products offered, and touch them! And help you decide what will best suit your needs and desires

Our family !

Thank you for visiting our website! We love helping you make those awesome Memories that warm up the home!

I've been doing photography for about 20 years. 13 years on the side as I raised our boys, and 7 years full time with a studio. Our goal is to give you wonderful, fun times that start today and continue on for future enjoyment. Our style is a Timeless Look - True natural color that is not "Dated" in a few years when the next fad comes in. It's really nice taking families out to a park or some other beautiful place to do portraits in a natural setting! The Kids usually have a Great Time playing while I am taking pictures. And we make sure and get some awesome planned poses too. Walla Walla Wa has several beautiful Parks!

 BUT the STUDIO is perfect for some poses for sure. Pregnancy portraits are fun to do inside and outside, it depends how enthusiastic you are about walking around. Tiny baby portraits are definitely far easier in our over 2,000 sq. ft studio.

1530 Bumblebee lane Walla Walla Wa

Walla Walla Photographer

I LOVE taking pictures of people of all ages but I do especially Love taking pictures of Newborns with their parents! It is so amazing to be able to get beautiful images of their tiny little bodies! And the Relationship of Baby and Parent is so special. But the newborn stage is so short and fades so quickly, don't let it escape you!

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?let our lenses tell your story.

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Our Ordering room and ​entry

portrait photography in walla walla 

Our oldest got married! So now our family is 5!

What we use:

Our cameras are a Canon 5d , Canon 5d mark III and Canon 5d mark VI 

as the main ones used.

We use studio lighting, and Qflash for location ​lighting. We are not Just natural light shooters. We know that you get far more beautiful portraits when you use fill light to often compliment natural light! We use reflectors some.

now guys this is for you ! 

I know, it's easy to put off doing portraits. You're busy and that "tool"  is much more important to buy right now. But if there was a fire in your house how many of you would run grab the "tool" and how many of you would run for the photos? A tool can be replaced much easier then your family's history in photos. And 10 years from now your tool will possibly be broken but the pictures can last for generations! Now is the time to get motivated and do it before the time slips by and you say     " I Wish..." 

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