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1530 Bumblebee Lane

Walla Walla, WA 99362

Local walla walla photography

When you're looking for portrait photography our service is the most tangible way to remember the people you love and children's stages of growth!

Don't wait to look back and say " I wish..."

​We are concerned about showing the LOVE, EMOTION, and CONNECTION

between you and your loved ones! We are not the Studio that will stress over the perfect position of hands etc. Our AIM is to show your love for each other in

your interactions during the session! We will tell YOUR STORY.

What we give you in beautiful wall Art and Books is truly more valuable than most anything else you could buy. 



It means so much more to have beautiful  art of Your loved ones in YOUR home, than a canvas

or print bought from a store of "who knows who or what!" 

Wonderful Close Up... Beautiful Landscape With Your Loved Ones In It...WHAT IS YOUR TASTE...we probably can make it happen!

We are PRINT ARTISTS, a PRODUCT based studio. We want you to enjoy your own family art up on your walls. It is so awesome to walk into different rooms in your home and at a glance be emotionally connected in a deep way with the people in your life. Children who see their pictures on the wall feel more loved and more special!

We do poses and capturing the moments of relaxed interactions and play. The result is some un-staged real moments in print that you can look back on and remember exactly how you were feeling that day!

​We are STORY TELLERS through you.


 We Guarantee that you will love your portraits before we proceed to the ordering of product! If you are not we will do what we can to bring you satisfaction, or your money will be refunded for the photo session. No hard feelings. 

This is an INVESTMENT in your family.


LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?  let our lenses tell your story. 

Contact us below for a no obligation quote!


Copyright 2013. Laurie King. All Rights Reserved. 





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